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g black and whiteLuigi “Gino” Scalzi

is chef of 9 years graduating from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. He extensively traveled southern Italy and became a pizzaiolo in a popular Italian restaurant in Calabria. Having spent over a year in Italy he returned and brought his culinary vision as sous chef of Ristorante Serena in Malden. Gino’s style of cooking is traditional southern Italian cuisine particularly emphasizing on the Calabria region. Not a man of many words Gino makes sure that his dishes speak for themselves.

Chef Specialties

Chef Gino has created a menu of dishes using the finest seasonal produce. Some Chef Specialties are dishes like the M’parretati and Involtini di Vitello. M’parretati are fusilli like calabrese pasta, which can be served with either slow cooked beef or pork ragu. The Involtini di Vitello is veal rolled with spinach and prosciutto in a marsala reduction.

Gino understands everyone has a different palate so there are many options to appease all who enter. He will offer gluten free Penne pasta to be substituted in any of our pasta dishes. We also have a few vegetarian dishes for those who do not wish to eat meat and Vegan dishes for those who do not wish to eat fish or meat.









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